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Facing Racism

Recruiting Writers & Storytellers

  • Do you have a story to tell or do you like to write about the stories of others?
  • How do you tell your story and how do you write someone’s story?
  • How does your story or writing help the community?

Have the answers to those questions? Then find out about becoming a storyteller or writer for the Facing Racism project!

Facing Racism in Muncie is a project that will explore the impacts of racism and the meanings of race in people’s lives. Engaging with personal stories and evocative theater performances as well as dialogue, we will explore both the negative and positive aspects of racism. Stories and programs will expose the harmful nature of structural or institutional racism, and reveal the ways in which our community can triumph over ignorance and act for positive social change. Facing Racism in Muncie will educate, inform, and encourage ongoing dialogue to mobilize community action.

Recruiting writers and storytellers is the first step.

We would like to recruit a diversity of writers and storytellers. Storytellers can be a variety of ages as well. Interested? Sign up at Contact Tania Said, Facing Racism writer and storyteller recruiter, at or 765-702-3590 for more information. To learn more about the Facing Project, visit

Writers will be selected and confirmed in early October. All writers will meet with Facing Project founders Kelsey Timmerman and J.R. Jamison on either Tuesday, October 20th at 7 – 8 pm pm or Saturday, October 24, 11 am. Meetings between writers and storytellers will occur starting in November followed by writing stories. Writers will have until mid-January to write and submit stories for editing. Selected stories will be performed at a community event(s) in October of 2016. A companion book will also be available in the fall of 2016.

Important: Storytellers may have their stories told with their names attached or have them told anonymously. Storytellers will be able to read the final story about themselves and request changes or revisions. They have final say over their stories. Writers may choose a variety of storytelling methods from prose to poetry.

What’s the Timeline?

  • Writing and storytelling opportunities announced in September
  • Recruit by early October
  • Writers meet with Facing Project founders Kelsey Timmerman and J.R. Jamison on October 20 or 24, 2015
  • Writers and storytellers meet in November and December
  • Stories to editors in mid-January 2016
  • Editors return stories to writers in early February
  • Stories completed by the end of February
  • Facing Racism publication available in fall 2016
  • Stories performed in November, 2016

Ready to sign-up? Complete the online form at (or scan the QR code) by October 2. Thank you for your interest!

Are you a writer, artist, rockstar organizer, event manager, photographer, or are you willing to share your story? If so, please contact our project organizers.