I Was Mad, Real Mad

Rashid Shabazz’s story written by River Lin Rashid is 73 years old   Mad. Real mad. That’s how I feel about racism.   I’ve been facing racism since the day I was born. Since I was a baby, every day, racism was just a part of … [Read more...]

The New Racism

Mia Johnson’s story written by Andrea Wolfe Mia is 36 years old   About a year and a half ago, a colleague of mine at Ivy Tech Community College and I were working remotely with an Ivy Tech employee from another region. We were to meet this … [Read more...]

Ok I’ll do it

June Payne’s story written by Travis O. Graves. June is 65 years old.   There were black people and there were white people. As a child I didn’t really have a thought either way about race or racism. Looking back, I’ve only been able to … [Read more...]

Living in My Neighborhood

Lynn’s story written by Chris Bavender. Lynn is a pseudonym and is 29 years old.   My story isn’t one of overt racism, but more about racial relationships and what I’ve learned being the minority in my own little neighborhood. I am white and … [Read more...]


Mina Samaan’s story as told Josh Holowell Mina is 28 years old   Everything was quiet. Everything. And this is not how it is in Egypt. Egypt is crowded and loud. But on that day, as I walked home from school, something was … [Read more...]

Time Warp

Vivian Morrison’s story written by Sherri Beaty Vivian is 60 years old   I'm black, so I live in a time warp. I live in the same year, the same decade, the same century as everyone else, but I also live in this strange and terrifying … [Read more...]

Sink or Swim; in Code

Ruby Cain’s story written by Aimee Robertson-Fant Ruby is 64 years old   I didn’t know what to do. My sister and I were walking home from school and saw the police swarming around my father in our driveway. They were there to arrest … [Read more...]

I Prefer to Be Called Muriel

Muriel Weeden’s story written by Levi Todd Muriel is 75 years old I grew up in Muncie in the 1940s, which was very segregated when I was a girl. Discrimination in public was the norm. Black people weren’t allowed to eat at lunch counters … [Read more...]

A Long Road Travelled

Charles Payne’s story written Steve Knote Charles is 74 years old   Education is the key to escape the bonds of racism. Both society and individuals must be educated to overcome the destruction of racism. My parents’ skin color was … [Read more...]