Download our ebook!

Download our ebook!

Download our ebook featuring 39 stories of Facing Racism in Muncie. Facing Racism ebook (hi-res) Facing Racism ebook (low-res) You can also read the stories individually on our blog. There is also an on-line Facing Racism E-book you can … [Read more...]

Another Kind of Racism: A Graphic Novel

Bios As a third grader, Matt Bailey attended school on a New Mexico Navajo reservation where his father was hired to develop curriculum. As a result of his family’s move, Matt felt the isolation of being an English-speaking, “blond-haired little … [Read more...]

Learning From Our Children

Shalia Gupta’s story written by Clarissa Bowers Shalia is 80 years old   When I was a child growing up in India, I was taught that when an adult came to your door, you welcomed them in and offered them a seat. It was a sign of … [Read more...]

It Shouldn’t Matter

WaTasha Barnes Griffin story written by Seth Carrier-Ladd Tasha is 41 years old   “Madeline, what ‘choo doin?” That was the moment everything changed. Madeline was my best friend. We’d known each other since we met in kindergarten, … [Read more...]

The Anger is Mine

Richard McKinney’s story written By Tom Steiner. Richard is 48 years old.   I didn’t start out hating Islam. I grew into it. It was an anger that lived and fed off of itself throughout my life. As my life unfolded, my anger flourished and … [Read more...]

Sunrise, Sundown

Daniel Stallings story written by Jackson Eflin Daniel is 49 years old   Heavy fog was just lifting when we started to make out the silhouettes of officers with rifles looking down on us from every overpass. It was an early, cold February … [Read more...]

When the Unrest Came to Middletown

Daniel’s story written by Melinda Messineo. Daniel is a pseudonym and he is 73 years old.   Things were so tense at that point in the 1960s. We opened the fire station doors and there was this group of black men there blocking the exit. … [Read more...]

What’s on the Menu?

Deanna’s story written by WaTasha Griffin. Deanna is a pseudonym and is in 7th grade.   I live in a vibrant house full of color, compassion, tolerance, and acceptance. Many people in the community know that my parents are of different races, and … [Read more...]