Stories by lcross

Cutting Up. Getting Along. Working Together.

Tom Carey's story written by J.R. Jamison Tom is 75 years old What you want? You wanna hear some stories? Well, it was always cleaning the bathrooms, mopping the halls. "Man, you got the best hands I've ever seen," is what one supervisor … [Read more...]

Fighting Racism with Love

Mary Dollison’s story, written by Lauren Bishop-Weidner Mary is almost 74 years old Although I was born in Tangipahoa, Louisiana, my memories of the open racism of the segregated South are vague. My mother was very light, but her mother was … [Read more...]

The Question Mark

Maria Williams-Hawking’s story written by Lizz Alezetes. Maria is 63 years old. Question marks fill the space between us. What separates us: Black . . .White . . .Yellow . . .Brown? Are you for me? Are you against me? When I was young, I … [Read more...]

A Battle to Fight

Ella McNeary’s story written by Lenore Allen Ella is 72 years old I came to Muncie in 1965 from Dayton, Ohio, after a 12-month internship. That’s when I got the job at Ball Memorial Hospital. I was the second black dietician that they ever had. … [Read more...]